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The Dark Centuries

The Zjijutsie Dragon

Welcome to the Borgung Mountains, west of what they call the Falitzoplatz plateau...

web wilddragon 02.jpg

were live is not like you might used to...

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Weird creatures like the Archeon Lizard and the Bull Dragon are always looking for something to put their teeth in.

web peruindian 01.jpg

But their is one way to stay alive. Find your way to Uggador the blind Indian who died thousands of years ago (they say) but who's ghost is still around..

web dtutchdragon full color.jpg

Uggador will tell you how to stay alive and get your way around  monsters like the bloody Phytosaurior and the..

web flyingdragon.jpg

the fastest of them all, the extremely violent Riggorr lizard. Not to speak of the colorful and aggressive Togo Lizard...

web lizaord orange.jpg

The bind Indian Uggador will help you to find the opper priest Hundolulu who's ghost lives on deep in the Borgung Mountains. 

web forottonindian green.jpg

Hundolulo the opper priest is the only one who can get you out of the horrifying grounds using his old magic powers and find your way back to the Falitzoplatz plateau... And be save (for as long as it takes...).

Thank you for watching my art. I hope you appreciatie the little storyline I made up to show my artwork :-)

Elmer Kouwenberg

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