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Hello, welcome on my web page. I am an artist making  Mixed Media Art and Digital art. This has not been always that way. Actually it is only about 2 years  ago that I realized that this is where my talent is. It took me many years of making all kinds of art to get to the point where I am at now: they call me The Rollerballmouseartist and I am proud of it!

My background is very different than most artist. When I was 24, that is about 25 years ago, I got into a violent car crash that made me almost completely paralyzed. Almost…I was blessed that I had still function in my left biceps. With a brace to keep my wrest straight I learned that I could still function quite normally with all the technology of this day and age. Most important I could work with a computer using a Roller Ball Mouse and a type device controlled with my head.

But only with a computer you don’t get there. Lot of my art starts with putting all kinds of materials together using paper, spray paint, wood, plastics and just about everything you can think of. With the arms and hands of my nephew he puts together what I have in mind. After digitizing it my work starts behind the computer.

I hope you enjoy my work. This site is only to look at, I have actually another site were you can buy my art
If you have questions you can reach me with the contact form below.